The Benchmark in Garden Waste Recycling

What is The Piecemaker?

The Piecemaker is a Garden Waste Recycling Shredder specifically designed to chip/shred unwanted garden waste to create mulch which can be used to add nutrients to your garden.

A Sturdy Machine

The Piecemaker is built to last. With all metal construction and no plastic, this machine has an extremely sturdy and durable design. This machine is perfect for any garden and will stand the test of time.

Recycle & Re-Use

The Piecemaker produces mulch which is rich in nutrients and this mulch can be put back into your garden in order to provide nutrition that your garden otherwise might not have gotten.

Light Work & No Mess

The Piecemaker has an anti clog debris management system therefore can take on tough tasks such as palm fronds. The machine also comes with a “No Mess” catching system which will allow for easy delivery and next to no clean up time.

Lightweight and Easy

The Piecemaker is designed to be compact for easy storage and ease of use/transport with 2 wheels at the back and a lightweight frame. The design also allows for an easy “pull start” and usability.